QOE Student Survey Submission System
Welcome to the
Quality of Education Survey Application!
For the  2016-2017  School Year

The annual Quality of Education Survey is mandated by state law [NMSA 22-2C-11 D] to allow parents the opportunity to provide anonymous feedback on their child’s education. The first 10 questions are the same for all schools and are set by the Public Education Department (PED). Five additional questions are constructed by district school boards and another five questions are developed by schools and teachers. The results from the survey are published in the [School District Report Card] on the PED website ("A to Z Directory," "District Report Card").
Respond only one time to a particular survey. You may answer surveys for different schools within a district and may re-use your login identity to do so. Survey answers will not be tied to your name or your student. All answers remain confidential and will be used for statistical reporting purposes only.
For Parents:

The survey will be available from March 15th through April 21st.

Parents may Log Into this site (via the Take Survey Menu item above) to answer survey questions for their child’s school. This will help us collect meaningful data. The survey can display questions in both English and Spanish. Your answers will remain anonymous. You will be asked to create a username, but you are not required to use your real name.  The system will log your answers, but your answers are not tied to your name.

For Quality of Education Survey District or School Administrators
NOTE: The Quality of Education Signature Page Form is available HERE for District and State Charter Administrators to download. Once downloaded, please print the form, fill it out and then email or fax it back to PED at the fax number listed on the form. Thank you.
Administration may Log Into this site (via the Admin Login link on the top right of this page). Once you have logged on you may:
  • Verify the 5 district and/or 5 school questions
  • Edit/replace/add or remove questions to an existing survey via the Administration > View/Edit/Print Survey menu
  • If you did not have a District and/or School Level Survey before, you may begin adding questions via the Administration > View/Edit/Print Survey menu
  • Review the responses of the survey as data is accumulated via the Survey Results menu
  • Aggregate data or single entry of responses, if necessary, via the Administration > Aggregate Data Entry menu
  • Find and Edit existing users, or add new users, via the Administration > Manage Users menu
  • Review the Help for Staff pages via the Help menu

Your district must have a general administrator login. You may obtain this login information by emailing Qian Cao at Qian.Cao@state.nm.us.

For those districts who used the site last year, all survey questions have been brought forward into the new year. You have until March 14th to modify questions if necessary. On March 15th all surveys will go live (we begin the survey collection window). On March 15th you will also have the ability to print versions of the survey to send home with students.

Districts and schools are responsible for keying paper surveys into the online site.

The Schedule is as follows:

February 28th Modifications of District and School Questions Opens
March 14th Modifications of District and School Questions Closes
March 15th Survey Collection Opens
April 21st Survey Collection Closes
May 8th State Data Review Closes – PED will certify the data

After the initial login, your main site district or school administrator may add additional logins for support staff. If you were given a password/login from your local administrator and need assistance, you should contact your local site district or school administrator before contacting the PED.